Top Linux-Compatible Poker Rooms For Canadians

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888 Poker Powerful Poker Software For All Players

Offering a 100% Up To $600 Match Bonus For New Players! runs 888 Poker, one of the greatest 3D poker rooms to ever grace the Internet. Unlike so many of the other 3D poker rooms, however, 888 Poker is available for you to play on your Linux. Check it out for free on their website in order to get a feel for the life-like realism.

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Party Poker Known For Absolute Reliability

Offering a 100% Up To $500 sign up bonus!

Party Poker is a publicly traded online poker room with tens of thousands of players logging in at peak times. When you sign up to play with your Linux computer here, you can get $500 in the form of a standard match bonus or choose to get $25 worth of instant cash.

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BWIN Poker Great Choice For No Download Poker

Offering a 100% Up To $100 sign up bonus!

Online players, in a massive show of support, have pushed Bwin Poker into the number one position among online poker rooms. Part of their player-friendly attitude is simply the fact that they have software that allows Linux users to join and play poker with them. Bwin caters not only to poker players, but sports bettors as well as casino players.

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Winner Poker Great Place To Find Soft Competition

Offering a $2000 Match Bonus For New Players!

Winner Poker is new enough that much of the traffic consists of newer players in addition to the iPoker Network. Since the poker room also gets to share their traffic base with the iPoker network, there are still enough players to keep the tables full. The poker room is offering a fantastic deposit bonus for new players. Join Winner Poker using our bonus code TOPBONUS and earn a 250% bonus to $2000.

How Common is Linux-Compatibility?

Linux users, as any Linux user will tell you, receive fewer accommodations than any other group in the computer world. PC users rarely have to worry about software compatibility under any circumstances, and since more people are turning to Mac's every day, they are starting to get some slack. When it comes to online poker, these same generalizations hold true, and Linux players have to search carefully before finding the best Linux options. If you do decide to commit to any of the poker rooms listed on this page, however, you can be sure that you won't be disappointed.

How to Play Online Poker Using a Linux

Instant Play Version

The instant play version of a poker room, also called the Java version, is one of the easiest ways to access its games. With this version of the poker room, you will be able to log in and start playing games immediately, without going through the hassle of downloading the software. It allows you to create an account of your choice – for free play, or real money. With the former, you will get the chance to practice on the games the site has, and sharpen your skills. Using the latter, you can wager for real money and stand the chance to win cash.

To start using this version, your system should have Java. In case it doesn’t, you will have to install it. Some Linux poker sites offer players the option to access the games via a Flash version. This too works in the same way as the Java version.

Installing WINE

WINE has become one of the most preferred ways to play poker on systems that use Linux. One of the key reasons for it is that the application can be downloaded without paying a fee. Also, it allows players to access the games without having to opt for other operating systems like Windows, which they would otherwise have to, if they want to play the games at online poker rooms. WINE is a type of compatibility foundation which offers systems the capabilities required to run Windows applications. This is a great option for players who are new to playing poker online, as it allows them to access all the basic features of an online game. With this, you can play and practice poker online on your Linux system.

Dual Boot

With Dual Booting, you will have both operating systems – Windows and Linux – on your computer. The former will allow you to play the game at online poker rooms using the downloadable version of the sites’ software. The benefit of this is that you will have access to all the games the sites have to offer. Unlike instant play versions where access to game features is limited, you be able to use all those that accompany the games in the downloadable version.

Some of the top Linux poker sites like 888 Poker, Poker Stars and Winner Poker offer Linux users the option of playing poker online. These sites are reliable, as they offer a secure gaming environment where players can experience the best poker software and games.