Why High Player Traffic Is Important

Best Canadian Online Poker Sites 2024
Rank Name CAN USA Linux Mac Bonus Match Bonus Code Room Review
1. party poker logo Bodog Poker CAN USA Linux MAC $500 100% N/A Bodog Poker
2. Pacific Poker Logo 888 Poker CAN USA Linux MAC $600+$8 100% N/A Pacific Poker
3. BWIN Poker Intertops Poker CAN USA Linux MAC $600 100% N/A Intertops Poker
4. Winner Logo BetOnline Poker CAN USA Linux MAC $2500 100% N/A BetOnline Poker
5. Bet365 Poker Sportsbetting Poker CAN USA Linux MAC $2500 100% N/A Sportsbetting Poker

Why play poker on high traffic sites?

One of the benefits of playing on a site that has a high volume of traffic is that you will always get to play. Often, players log in to a poker room and have to face disappointment because there are not enough players to play a game. However, if you choose to play on a popular site, which attracts a lot of traffic, you can be sure to find a table with players and begin your game straightaway. You also get a lot of poker games to choose from with various levels of stakes, which is not the case in some lesser popular sites that provide you with only a couple of games. The quality of the software used is also top notch. You can be rest assured that there will be no glitches while playing the game, as is the case with some smaller sites.

Apart from the fact that there are little or no delays in starting a game, you also get a better playing field. You will find players who are not as good and will give you a chance to earn quite a lot. On the other hand, you can also choose to play against players who are highly skilled and will help in improving your skill level. This can also be a disadvantage sometimes as you might find a lot of good players, especially in tournaments having large prize money.

Think about walking into a live casino's poker room, looking around, and realizing that you're the only player in the room. While this is an extreme example, there are online poker rooms that have a hard time filling tables during the lighter hours. With any of the rooms listed above, the player traffic should be substantial enough, throughout the entire day, to prevent unusually long wait SNG's to fill, and to give you a wider range of options when choosing cash games.

Some high traffic poker sites

Here are some of the popular poker sites that attract a large amount of traffic.

  • PokerStars: It boasts of the largest number of players online compared to any other during peak hours, with the number often crossing the 100,000 mark. It has the capacity to support 200,000 players online.
  • PartyPoker: This is the largest poker site for European players, attracting over 40,000 players during high traffic hours.
  • Bodog Poker: The above two sites may have a large player base but do not cater to US players. Bodog attracts around 5,000 players during peak hours, including US players, and offers the players an attractive looking gaming software.


So do some research and make sure you choose a poker site with high traffic to enjoy your online poker experience.