Our Favorite 3D Poker Rooms

Understanding Differences Between 3D Poker Rooms

Lots of different poker rooms claim to have 3D graphics, but only a select few can really perform at the highest level. But even when you're trying to compare the top options (such as those mentioned above), it can still be hard to compare poker rooms through research. There are no good statistics or figures to narrow down the best options as far as graphics are concerned, but there is one tried and true way to pick the best 3D poker room. Visit their website, download the software, and play the free version of the game with fun money. In no time at all, you can easily try a handful of sites and decide for yourself where you are the most comfortable. No matter where you finally end up, though, PKR should instantly be at the top of your list. Their full 3D poker rooms can be viewed from different camera angles and each avatar is capable of facial expressions.

Technically speaking, 3D poker is no different from regular poker, which you are used to playing online. However, in terms of graphics and visual details it offers a lot more to the players. It is not very popular yet and only a few sites offer 3D poker, but it is developing a loyal fan base and provides a refreshing change.

3D Poker Advantages

To give you a general idea about 3D poker sites, let us say that online poker is a video game. Then the normal versions are like 8-bit cartridge based games and 3D poker is like a modern game, which utilizes graphics cards and other computing resources available to it. Here are some of the advantages of 3D poker sites:

3D poker games use heavy computing resources available to them to deliver a realistic experience on a completely different level. You can see much more than the cards dealt to you while playing your game.

You can change the way your character appears. You can create your character and also change the facial expressions to represent your various moods.

You can perform various actions, which include performing tricks with your chips, or a handshake to congratulate other players. You can even express your frustration when you lose. In addition, you do all this in a life like casino environment.

Since you have a 3D view now, you can also change the angles at how you look at the game. You can go for the first person look or choose an overhead view, whichever you like better.

3D poker makes you feel as though you are with people. Certain sites actually allow you to create friend lists where you can add people whom you regularly play with. Another advantage of playing 3D poker is that of the playing field. 3D poker is a lot more realistic, and it is slower than traditional online poker. That is why some top players stick to the 2D version of the game. So if you are an average player, you can take advantage of the lower skill level of casual players who play 3D poker.